We've recreated the pet bed experience by catering to the instinctual side of our furry friends. Snug enclosed spaces allow our pets to feel safe and cozy. BedHug is an adjustable burrow blanket that attaches to your own pet bed, providing your pet with the comfortable burrow feel they seek.


  • Pets instinctively LOVE to burrow.

  • BedHug Burrow Blankets provide the snug & cozy feel pets desire.

  • Comfort is important; feeling secure is essential. Many pets experience general anxiety, nervousness, or separation anxiety. BedHug was designed with the intention to create an ultimate stress free zone, where our furry friends can crawl under to feel safe, secure & relaxed.

  • We give back to animals from every BedHug purchase! We make it our priority to make a difference for shelter pets & rescues.

  • Proudly MADE IN USA



I have a dachshund who loves to be underneath covers, blankets, sweaters... everything. I'd always put a blanket over her, but obviously it doesn't stay put as she moves around. Luckily, I found BedHug and she's nuts about it. I'm not allowed to remove it from her pet bed or else she freaks out, haha!    

                                                                                         -Robert, TX

My dog is a rescue; she's small and nervous. I wasn't sure how to help her, but then my vet suggested BedHug. I was so happy to see my little baby feel safe and secure under her BedHug blanket. What a relief!    

                                                                                         -Tina, CA

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