Keeping Our Pets Safe in the Pool and Garden

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Keeping Our Pets Safe in the Pool and Garden

If we could ask our dogs the one place they would like to be, the answer would probably be right by our side. While there is nothing more satisfying than cuddling with our pooch and watching them burrow into their beds and sleep peacefully, during the day, we should ensure they get all the exercise they need. Long walks are key when the weather is good, but even on cold days or those in which time is of the essence, we can ensure they stay active in our garden and pool. In this post, we highlight a few important safety tips, to keep accidents and illness at bay.

Doggy Laps in a Blue Lagoon

From the time our dog is big and strong enough to get himself in and out of the pool, swimming lessons are key if we have a pool. Swimming is an excellent way to promote strength and mobility, and can play an important role in pet rehabilitation. A pool can also be a big danger, however, since it can take just a few seconds for a dog to sink to the bottom. Moreover, English bulldogs and some other brachycephalic breeds (and those with heavy heads) should forego swimming altogether.

To make swimming fun and safe for your pets, purchase him a doggy swimming vest. Make sure to fence off the pool, since dogs are incredibly quick when it comes to escaping from your home and jumping into the water. Worst of all, you may not even realize he is missing until he has already made his big splash. Treat dogs like kids in this respect; no precaution is too extreme when it comes to drowning prevention.

To plan on the safe side, install an alarm if you can in your pool; it will let you know any time someone (or some pooch) is has jumped or fallen in.

Safety in the Garden

There are so many garden risks for dogs that you really need to research into various subjects to play it safe. One danger is toxic plants; check out the SPCA list of plants to avoid; you may be surprised that the list contains various everyday plants and flowers such as daffodils and lilies. If your neighbours have these plants, make sure Fido has no access to them whatsoever.

Fertilizer is another big problem. Our lawns rely on this product to obtain a healthy green hue, yet just your dog can suffer from organ damage and sometimes, even death, if he consumes even a little of this product. Most fertilizers stipulate that you should keep your pets away for at least one day after application, but you can take it a step further by purchasing organic lawn fertilizers.

Also try to replace pesticides with homemade products such as essential oil sprays, which are very effective at battling insects and spiders. Keep slugs away, meanwhile, by placing empty egg carts or newspaper beneath plants, throwing these away daily.

Your yard is a great place to play a plethora of active game with your dog, including fetch, tag, and hide-and-seek. Keep it safe by opting for organic lawn maintenance, and ensuring the pool is inaccessible unless you are in the water with your pooch.