The 5 Most Adorable Small Dog Breeds Around

All dogs are cute in their own way. There are some small canines, however, that are particularly adorable and irresistible. Dogs from the following small breeds take the cake in the cuteness department!

1. Pugs

Who could ever say no to a pug? Their wrinkled visages are unbelievably endearing. They have oodles of personality, too. If you want a stocky pooch who will cuddle up to you on the couch with a soft doggy blanket all day long, no breed can top the pug.

2. Dachshunds

Dachshunds are some of the most distinctive looking dogs out there. That's partially what makes them so cute. These German dogs are known for their lengthy physiques and particularly short legs. If you want to walk around with a four-legged sweetheart who has a spirited temperament, a dachshund may be the perfect dog for you.

3. Poodles

Poodles are known the world over for their curly fur and sweet and easygoing temperaments. They're also known for their amazing cuteness. If you have a penchant for small dog breeds, you can't go wrong with a toy poodle or a miniature poodle. Poodles bring other advantages to the table, too. They don't shed very much at all. If you want to keep your dog blankets free of fur, a poodle may be the right match for your lifestyle.

4. Shih Tzus

Shih Tzus are some of the most popular pooches around. If you walk around any neighborhood for even a few minutes, chances are you'll run into someone who owns one of these fluffy creatures. These toy dogs typically weigh anywhere in the ballpark of 10 to 19 pounds when they're mature. They have pleasant and affectionate temperaments and make perfect companions for people who like lounging around. If you want a dog who is a great candidate for blanket use, a Shih Tzu could make a great pet choice for you.

5. Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are diminutive dogs and are wildly popular all around the planet. Although they originally come from Mexico, they've been traditions in American households for many decades. People everywhere adore Chihuahuas' tiny builds. They also adore their large eyes, friendly temperaments and general cuteness. If you want to give all your attention to a toy dog who is hilarious, dedicated and dynamic, you should seriously consider bringing a Chihuahua or two into your life. Since these dogs have loving temperaments, they're ideal for owners who want to invest in doggy blankets for their residences. What could be more fun and cozy than curling up inside of a blanket with a little Chihuahua who means the world to you? Not much!

The Many Perks of Cozy Doggy Blankets

Doggy blankets can be great for all different kinds of pooches. They can keep dogs comfortable, warm and cozy while they nap the afternoon away. They can give dogs senses of additional security and safety as well. If you want to pamper your little cutie, you should explore all of your options in canine blankets right away.