Top 7 Foods That Your Dog Shouldn't Eat

I've been a pet owner for decades, and I learn something new about my furry friends each day. Being tempted to serve your dog a plate of human food is a common thought among animal lovers. They love our food! However, there are a few common foods that dogs can't eat because of digestive issues. Some foods are actually poisonous to them while they're healthy for people otherwise. With this fact in mind, discover the top seven foods that your dog shouldn't eat at any time.

1. Chocolate
Don't leave chocolate laying around the house because your dog will eat it. This food is entirely toxic to dogs because of two substances found in the cocoa itself. Theobromine and caffeine are natural ingredients that define chocolate, but they're also toxic to dogs. Keep milk and dark chocolate away from your pooch. Although the dark chocolate is more dangerous than the light-colored types, dogs will still have digestive problems with these human treats.

2. Grapes
Black, red or green grapes are all considered dangerous foods for dogs. Currently, researchers believe that there's a substance within everyday grapes that contributes to kidney failure. Only dogs are susceptible to this toxicity so my family continues to eat grapes to stay fit and healthy. We simply keep the grapes out of sight so that the dog isn't tempted.

3. Nuts

Nuts may look like a clever treat for dogs, but keep them away from curious tongues. Almond and macadamia nuts, in particular, are highly toxic to dogs. Don't confuse these nuts with peanuts, however. Peanuts aren't true nuts so they can be eaten in their pure form or out of a peanut-butter jar. Because peanuts are legumes, there's no risk for toxicity.

4. Ice Cream

When it's a hot day, I know I'm tempted to give my dog a taste of ice cream. Don't fall into this trap because ice cream only upsets their stomachs. Be aware that dogs are a bit lactose intolerant. The ice cream will only irritate the pet's digestive system while causing vomiting and other issues. A cold bowl of water will have to suffice on those hot days.

5. The Garlic and Onion Family

Leeks, shallots, onions and garlic have a shared toxicity from their Allium family. I had a garden full of these plants in the past, but I repotted them away from our dog before he could chew on them. This toxicity isn't limited to the digestive system either. Heart problems and anemia can result from a small snack on these items.

6. Avocados

It's recommended to keep avocados away from dogs. I have a tree in my yard so I must pick up any fruits that fall to the ground before the dog gets to them. Persin is a substance that originates in the avocado's seed, which easily moves into the meat of the fruit. Avoid a digestive problem by picking up avocados from your yard.

7. Alcohol

My vet often has an exhaustive list of foods that are both good or bad for dogs. Pin this list up at home so that it's always visible to the family. Questioning a treat for the dog should be a reflex, which prompts you to check the list. With enough information about healthy food choices, I'm able to keep my dog in tip-top shape without any digestive issues in sight.