Why Your Pet Needs a BedHug Burrow Blanket (For Dogs & Cats)

Why Your Pet Needs a BedHug Dog Blanket
An estimated 23 million dogs and cats suffer from anxiety problems in the United States alone. This affects millions of households across the country. While it is not always clear what causes these issues, it is evident that something must be done to help soothe our furry family members. This is where the BedHug Burrow Blanket comes in.

What is a BedHug Dog Blanket?
The BedHug Burrow Blanket is an innovative improvement on your average pet bed. This burrow blanket attaches easily to your own pet bed, providing your furry friend with the comfort they need. Simply lay the dog blanket over your existing dog bed. Then using the adjustable velcro straps, snugly fasten the blanket onto the bed. Your dog will be comfy and cozy in no time.
The idea for this blanket was inspired by one 17-year-old Shih Tzu named Angel. Angel loved to snuggle and burrow, but as she got older she developed arthritis and lost some of her vision. She was unable to climb into bed anymore, leaving her anxious and insecure. This is when her owner came up with the idea for the BedHug dog blankets.

Why Should I Buy One?
There are countless benefits to purchasing a BedHug Burrow Blanket for your pet. For dogs and cats, this can make all the difference between comfortable security and stress. Here are two of the main reasons why your pet needs a burrow blanket:
1. Burrowing- It is a known fact that small animals love to burrow. You probably have watched and laughed as your dog or cat tries to dig under blankets or other areas. It is a natural instinct. Being hidden away and surrounded by warmth provides your pet with a sense of comfort.
2. Reduce Anxiety- Many household animals suffer from anxiety problems. This seems to affect smaller animals disproportionately, perhaps because of their small size. The BedHug Blanket gives your pet a safe zone where they can feel warm, secure, relaxed, and happy. A happy pet means a peaceful home. No more destructive behavior or loud barking.

Can I Use It for My Cats Too?
Absolutely! Cats love burrowing as much as dogs do. If you have cats, you will notice how much they love trying to find the perfect hiding spot, whether it is in a cardboard box or under your bed. Cats enjoy having a dark and solitary place to retreat to; the shelter helps them to feel calm and secure. It is even better for your cat when that place is warm and cozy. Even the pickiest cats would appreciate having this cat blanket to keep them safe and comfy.

Anything Else I Should Know?
BedHug burrow blankets are proudly manufactured and sold in the United States. With every purchase, the company gives a portion of their proceeds to pet rescues and shelters. Still unconvinced? BedHug offers a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee on every purchase, so there is no risk. They know how finicky dogs and especially cats can be. Buy it, try it, and, if your pet doesn’t like it, send it back.